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Until Someone Listens

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I am Estela Juarez and this is my story

When Estela Juarez was 8 years old, her mother, Alejandra, was deported to Mexico. It was then that Estela transformed her love of writing in her diary into writing letters to her local newspaper, to Congress, and to the president.

The momentum built, and her Congressman decided to step in to help. Estela’s story was featured at the 2020 Democratic National Convention, inspiring the whole country. in 2021, her mother received temporary permission to return to her Family. Now 12 years old, Estela still loves writing in her diary. She also enjoys making her family laugh, reading books from the library, going for long walks with her mom and dad, Cuauhtemoc, near their home in Florida, and hanging out with her big sister Pamela. Estela hopes to one day become and immigration lawyer and a Congresswoman to advocate for the unification of separated families.

I wrote this book with the hope of, not just bringing my mom back home after she was deported to Mexico, but to also help her find a pathway to permanent immigration status. I want to encourage members of Congress and the president to finally fix the broken immigration laws in this country. It was important to tell my story so that other separated families could be reunited like mine was. And that the U. S. stopped separating families because no child should grow up without their parents.

Estela Juarez

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